Another Alias

With over a decade of experience in electronic music, Dublin based Dermot Bateman is making an almighty stamp on the techno scene as Another Alias. His musical style is reflective of a very large variety of ever changing genres and influences from his life, but he always incorporates his love for thick meaty drums and tasteful distortion that makes his tracks hit hard and are certain to leave a dent in the modern wave of techno.

Growing up he was very much into nu-metal bands like Slipknot and System Of A Down along with lots of other genres that inspired him musically, but he never really stuck to one thing for too long. Now nobody really inspires him musically, especially techno. For Dermot, techno has become far too dried out and watered down so he doesn’t really listen to it anymore. That being said, he makes techno that most certainly isn’t bland, quite the opposite. He’s one of the most inventive and exceptionally talented producers out there who are actually making a difference to the monotony of modern techno music.

Dermot bought his first set of decks when he was 15 and started producing a year later. He had no formula for writing music, he just wrote what was in his head. He went through various phases, even making bass music under the name Your Local Vicar until he got fully embroiled making techno as Another Alias. A few tracks were released on various labels until his major break in 2015 when he appeared on ‘Analogue Is Dead’. Since then his releases have appeared on many impressive labels, with equally impressive music, including ‘Don’t’, ‘Green Fetish Records’, ‘New York Import Trax’ and ‘Obscuur Records’.

Another Alias is one very introverted character who focuses intently on his creations for never ending hours and greatly enjoys working with like-minded people in order to keep putting out wonky bastards with no pretention. RIOT approved through and through.