14anger aka Clement Perez is a time traveller, a collector of techno classics and an admirer of futuristic sequencing, weaving all that together for an eternally timed prophecy rave, fuelled by mental energy.

Clement comes from Béziers, France, a very old industrial town which has inspired him immensely in his productions. He fell in love with electronic music as a child, often listening to early rave music radio shows, which at the time was a mix between acid house, breakbeat, new beat and techno. In 1993, aged 14, he moved to Montpellier which had a well established rave scene. It was here he began playing turntables and began to amass his enviable record collection. Buying mostly techno, acidcore, hardcore and gabber eventually led to him becoming a member of one Frances oldest rave crews “Cybersonic”.

He began producing in the late 90s with computers, eventually buying hardware to assist the noise. Three years later he was releasing hardcore material under the name Zerogoki and for the next 10 years he played only hardcore whilst promoting industrial / goth parties.

Now based back in Béziers, 14anger has been his alias for the last two years after rediscovering his techno roots and is the most interesting project he’s been involved with for a long time with incredible feedback and support received on a regular basis since its inception.

His schedule is hectic, regularly playing all over Europe alongside acts like The Horrorist, Miss Kitten, Terence Fixmer and Manu Le Malin. His enormous back catalogue appears on a multitude of labels including Tripalium, Club Poison, Gobsmacked and Dancefloor Killers. He’s been remixed by C-System, Dekode, Ingen and RIOT, with his tracks being relentlessly bashed out by acts including Paula Temple, Dave Clarke, Perc and Eomac. He’s also played every respected internet show including Dave Clarke’s “White Noise” and obviously here on “RIOT”.

This is one artist that’s reaching stratospheric heights so keep your ears open …………………….