Originally from the heart of Perthshire, now currently based in Aberdeen, Scotland, John D L Fraser aka 45tr4l has been producing electronic music since he was 14 years old, ever since he got his hands on Rebirth back in 1998.

He was electronically influenced years earlier from listening to releases on Warp and Planet Mu from such luminaries as LFO, AFX, Squarepusher and Autechre, along with more dance floor orientated breakbeat artist’s including the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Coldcut.

His interest in electronic music encompasses the entire range of ambient and techno music, all the way through jungle and drum & bass to even the most brutal hardcore industrial noise, with the music he creates very much reflective of this eclectic taste. He’s always pursuing a different angle on whatever sounds he endeavours to create.

He’s been DJing under various aliases on and off since 2006 playing various club events in Aberdeen including the famous Jungle Nation nights amongst others, and many free parties all over Scotland and beyond, mostly playing jungle, drum & bass and techno.

Recently his focus has shifted far more into the production and performance side of things, forming in 2014 an experimental group with a friend and fellow audiophile under the alias Sandal fly. This project focused on live performance of material they’d created in a very free form approach. The duo performed at several small events before the project came to an end with both artists craving something new. Since then, John’s focus has primarily been on his own productions, honing his sound and technical abilities, initially under the alias of Spktr and currently as 45tr4l.

He’s now had several releases including a remix on Red Robot Records for Mr. Man aka Blackjack, and even a play on the Scottish producers show case. His track ‘Acidate’ on a quiet RIOT was his first major release and represents a turning point in his career as an electronic music producer. He’s now keener than ever to get back to his workshop to fashion more audio treats for anyone who cares to listen.