909distortion & AxggaA

Hailing from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, industrial techno duo 909distortion & AxggaA are the ultimate hardware live act and production unit from Hell. Their unique harsh productions and sound design, crafted from carefully selected raw frequencies, evoke a provocative underlying message of violence, distortion and all manner of dark foreboding soundscapes.

Influenced by industrial, metal and punk music at a very young age, these traits are easily distinguishable within their music with more recent modifications to their psyche materializing in the form of Perc, Ansome and mentors within the Greek industrial scene.

Both started writing various styles of music in their early teens, 909distortion, for example, produced hip hop instrumentals along with other completely different genres. And separately, prior to teaming up as a duo, one produced techno and the other a mixture of Italo Disco and EBM, appearing on various labels.

However, it’s when they’re together that their sonic interconnectivity truly comes into its own. That begun in 2018 as they started to produce releases independently, putting into their music a powerful raw message about what techno means in their determined minds.

In August 2020 they produced under the name of Bloody Punk, alias for their fully analogue hardware live act which combines twisted synth melodies with brutally hard kicks and distorted alarmed voices. They also produced various transgressive edits of their metal idols including a stunning White Zombie showpiece.

Thanks to the enormous support and good vibes they’ve been transmitted from all over the world from their peers who can regularly be heard playing their music including Mickey Nox, Bermind, Minimal Violence, SPFDJ and Max Durante, they’re highly motivated to pound out releases, always something that’s eagerly awaited within the dance community.

The future has a bright horizon for this duo which includes firm plans to bring their live performance to other countries and to release their music on those much respected labels they’ve always hoped to be on. RIOT Radio Records has them snared already on that basis, just you wait for what’s about to unfold.