Manchester, UK based duo Leon Wellings Jones and Thomas Filbee form AEIT together, acting as one. These DJ / producers share the same vision of techno, that being a combination of unrelenting drums, blistering pace, raw atmosphere and aggression which is the foundation of AEIT’s powerful approach to industrial underground techno.

Growing up together through-out high school they listened to lots of hip hop, rap and heavy metal, anything aggressive or uncompromising, which goes a long way understanding why their music sounds the way it does today. The Prodigy also played a huge influential part of that process. It was those pioneers of the underground rave scene that really got the duo’s attention.

Never apart, the pair started DJing together in 2017 and progressed to producing the following year. They found they had a lot of spare time in between courses whereby they were constantly messing around and experimenting on Ableton when they really should have been going to their respective university lectures, which was probably why they both ended up dropping out.

This termination of higher education to concentrate on their music has most certainly paid off as their various releases on Sacred Court, Øbskure, Scena_731, Måinmise Records and Blacklapse Records, which manifested themselves over the following couple of years, have been heavily supported by the likes of Dax J, Paula Temple, Rebekah and SNTS, proving without doubt that AEIT is a force to be reckoned with.

Their hectic schedule of releases has also been compounded by never ending bookings at some of the most amazing clubs across Europe including Teufelswerk and Corsica Studios appearing alongside the likes of Surgeon and Clouds.

Every time AEIT load up a new project their excitement level is excruciatingly high and increases immeasurably being able to learn and advance themselves from there not being a barrier in terms of progression. They love that and so do we, it’s an insatiable quality we easily spotted easily in their music which is why we sought them out for A-mbient E-xperimental I-ndustrial T-echno projects on our RIOT Radio Records imprint.