Alias23 aka Rowan Gliori is known for the darker, harder sounds in the realms of techno and has been fully immersed in the underside of the Scottish electronic music scene for a long time. From DJing at free parties for rigs who shall remain unnamed to guest and resident spots at various Edinburgh nights, it’s been a bit of a wild ride.

He first became heavily influenced from attending Edinburgh’s legendary Sativa club. In particular a night when DJ Hell guested, this was his first proper techno experience. From then on he went from being a humble fan of all sorts of darker, heavier industrial music (NIN being a powerful influence) to being somewhat obsessed and he began taking a great deal of interest in the actual performance aspect of a night (as it looked like the DJs were having even more fun than he was).

So decks and a mixer were procured and Edinburgh’s underground vinyl shops suddenly received a lot of early Saturday morning patronage from one rather spaced out, dreadlocked techno addict whose collection of electric guitars were suddenly gathering a lot of dust. And so it began……………..

Currently he’s one of the co-founders and residents @ ETC (Edinburgh Tekno Cartel), where he’s played alongside some of his personal musical heroes. He’s also played away on the continent alongside even more people who were previously just names on record labels but have since become good personal friends. These days, as well as playing ETC, Alias23 can be found playing some of Scotland’s smaller, more intimate festivals, like Audio Soup and Knockengorroch ………… and a number of more spontaneous and less, shall we say, “officially sanctioned” events.

Now with pin point mixing skills, he’s ended up owning a somewhat large collection of vinyl, and produces his own distinctive style of electronic noise, the live sets of which are laden with exceptionally stunning brutality that always grinds any size of gathering into full on submission to the beat.