Andy Tauchert

Andy Tauchert from Halle Saxony-Anhalt in Germany is a DJ and artist who always impresses with his versatility and playing from the gut. The regularly tuned Monday techno show listeners on his Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels since 2019 can feverishly attest to that.

Andy discovered his love for music at a very young age, gaining his first practical experience in the school choir, but he had to give that up due to broken vocal cords. During this time, in the ex-GDR, he quickly found his path to electronic, heavy metal and rock music, something that was rather stifled in that old USSR run state.

His influences included bands like Kraftwerk, Art of Noise and Tangerine Dream. Then, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, techno and trance quickly honed into his newly found optimistic view with DJ’s like Westbam, Jeff Mills, Sven Väth and Paul Van Dyk shaping his musical mind during this upheaving time, as did his first Love Parade in 1993 and his first big rave in 1994.

Then he, along with two friends, decided to start Djing using anything that was available, but always at least one turntable. At that point in time it was techno, trance and rave music, but from 2001 his sonic appreciation was more geared towards the harder, darker sub-genres that were evolving. In addition to industrial, wonky or hard techno, Andy’s been fascinated by the driving sound of artists like Cannibal Cooking Club, Chris Rinox and Oliver Rosemann.

Up until 2017, Andy played smaller gigs before things really got going for him. From Berlin to Kassel, from Rostock to the Czech Republic, nationally and internationally, he was now getting the bookings he always wanted and to involve everyone else in the trip he was experiencing.

One always asks what the future will bring, and for this DJ mentalist, he’s in it for the long haul and will always play as long as he enjoys the music.

It should be noted that without his family and friends, who’ve always support him, none of this would’ve be possible.