A purveyor of belligerent and uncompromising techno, Kieran Whitefield aka Ansome’s career began after studying sound design and music production at college in his home county of Cornwall. After making the move to London, Kieran immersed himself within its club culture, setting up the fledgling dubstep-meets-techno label ‘Disco’s Dead’ while working on his own productions.

At the beginning of 2014, Keiran’s first release as Ansome appeared on the Swiss label ‘Files Records’ kick-starting a barrage of releases that year. Then after putting ‘Disco’s Dead’ to bed, Kieran started up the label ‘South London Analogue Material’ to put out his and other fellow producers’ material, while the Ansome live set, using a full hardware set-up, saw him play at legendary European clubs such as Tresor, Berghain and London’s own Corsica Studios.

2015 seen Kieran delivering even more of his punishing releasing on ‘Mindcut’, PLS.UK and Perc Trax. With Ansome being the perfect fit for Ali Wells’ hard-edged, industrial-leaning label, Kieran delivered his debut full-length album ‘Stowaway’ on Perc Trax at the beginning of 2016. Not one to rest on his laurels, he followed that release with ‘The Coffin Dodge’ EP for London label ‘Them’. Both achieved critical acclaim.

Ansome’s sound is hugely confident. Inspired by a raw UK techno lineage, his drums are heavyweight, his percussion fierce and his synths full blooded. All in all that makes for music that grabs your attention and drags you along for an enthralling ride. Littered with his own field recordings, it can be variously eerie or boisterous, but its uncompromising stuff of the sort anyone from Perc to Karenn would be proud. Suffice to say we’re over the moon that Ansome has done a total bruiser of a remix on our RIOT Radio Records release by Mickey Nox.