Axel Sohns

Axel Sohns from Wiesbaden, Germany has held a strong resounding passion for electronic music for many years which has led him to play, produce and start up some seriously respected techno labels. A formidable character in the scenes hierarchy, this unstoppable force has his fingers firmly on the big red techno button.

He had broad musical taste as a youngster, fully indulging in many genres listening to artists like Depeche Mode, Wu Tang Clan, Soulfly & Korn. His first steps embracing techno came from tuning into the weekly HHR XXL Club night radio show and from frequenting raves a few years later witnessing artists like Sven Väth, Chris Liebing and Drexciya.

He eventually set up his first Label Kitty Corner Records in 2006. This imprint focused on wonky techno with releases by the likes of Paul Birken, Cannibal Cooking Club and Mark Hawkins. In more enlightened techno circles there’s been some essential labels over the years that have bordered on legendary and whose wax continues to sizzle despite the passage of time, namely Subhead, Sativae, Drought, Noodles ………………. and Kitty Corner Records.

Slidebar Recordings arrived in 2009 which made tremendous waves on inception. It was a triumphant platform for many genres of electronic music but mainly focused on Brighton techno with enormous emphasis on experimentation and collaborations. The depth and breadth of innovative contributors involved produced some unmistakable releases with each new 12” filled with crazy artistically invigorated bangin’ which challenged dance floors from plundering the techno groove in completely new ways. Unfortunately due to various reasons this enlightened label came to an end in 2014. However, the label made a stratospheric return in 2017 as it was too good a thing to keep away.

Axel then started Mindcut in 2013, a label that’s very quickly became renowned for its raw, straight forward, brazen techno. There’s a relentless cavalcade of the world’s best techno artists continually appearing and there’s much, much more to come.

His own productions appear on his own imprints as well as on amazing bangin’ labels such as Tonewrecker, Miditonal and Stoorzender and plans afoot to unleash more of his own pumpin’ material very soon.