Anthony Arcana aka Ayarcana is a Berlin based producer and DJ that truly embodies the heavy hitting, relentless, acid-tinged, industrial menace that he creates and routinely executes clubbers with at any gig he plays.

Originally from Italy, Anthony normally listened to metal whilst often playing guitars and drums in various bands during his time a sound design student. Being a student eventually led him to electronic music, specifically break core and IDM. Books, art and especially movies played a major part too, with all these individual elements finally conjoining to help forge the sound he is known for today.

Strong, hard and dark sounds have an overwhelming importance in his output. Distorted basslines rip up the fabric of his productions and the DJ mixes he constructs are a testament to that approach. Sonically Ayarcana is comparable to UK producers Ansome and Ossian who he’s collaborated with many times since coming to prominence in the few years he’s been at the forefront of the underground techno scene.

Leading this vanguard in that respect has led to extensive touring all over the World including bookings in the most hallowed of techno mecca’s Tresor.Berlin. A place he relishes playing for the sound system alone. He’s also gained invaluable experience along the way which has enabled him the freedom to do musically whatever he has on his mind.

His productions to date have appeared on Pls.uk, Vae Victis Records, Parachute Records, South London Analogue Material and on our own RIOT Radio Records imprint from remixing ‘RIOT’ by The Horrorist.

2016 seen him launch his Deathcrush Recordings label which focuses on noise, power electronics, industrial and black metal music. Anthony doesn’t worry about the support of his many techno fans on this project as he doesn’t want to bring them into this kind of music unless they want to or because they actually like it. If not, that’s not an issue. 2018 will see him publish his first LP on the label which has a couple of excellent collaborations that he’s really excited about. He’s also launched a new techno, EBM and metal project called COAL with Oliver kolhemberg.