Beat Movement

Beat Movement are an Italian DJ and producer duo based in Berlin consisting of Mattia Prete and Simone Scardino who have adapted raw minimal sounds into dynamic full on dance floor grooves with an eye and an ear towards the future in their performances, music and through their specialised techno and electronic jazz imprints.

At the beginning of their musical journey their style was heavily inspired by the sound 90’s techno, utilising fast scores made specifically for the dance floor. Listening to new music motivated them to discover new frontiers, structures and sounds, and to gain experience in creating music focused on sound design, inspired more by situations rather than artists.

They became a DJ duo in 2006 and eventually started producing their own music in 2011 which culminated in some very spectacular releases and has led them to play many of the finest clubs in Europe including Tresor, Terminal and Blank.

In 2015 they teamed up with D-Leria for their first imprint Dlbm. in order to make a vinyl trilogy of 90’s style techno releases. Over the next three years, appearing on these releases, along with themselves and D-Leria were the always amazing Endlec and Umwelt. Once they’d achieved their trilogy goal they decided to close the label and go it on their own after moving from Rome to Berlin in 2018, changing direction altogether towards a more diverse musical state of techno infused with jazz, taking control of the Jazz-O-Tech imprint and party agendas.

These new ambitious abstract electronic experiments are definitely one step beyond what has already been heard in the most modern avant-garde of ways. The duo want to encourage innovation, experimentation, improvisation, and live elements that make every performance and every track dense with musical ideas and full of soul that embrace the true spirit and sound of a lush jazz heritage implanted with warm analogic grooves of techno and electronica. Many amazing artists including the likes of Sunil Sharpe will be joining them for this voyage.

Their work, label and productions reflect musical diversity with plentiful support from well-known and respected artists within the scene. Their objective is always to be in progress and to avoid staying with one single sound for a long time.