Ben Pest

Ben Pest is a producer, DJ and performer that’s established grandiose notoriety as an exponent of jacking live hardware-based techno. He’s a complete machine head that compulsively writes music, all the time, he’s literally obsessed with it. Any lengthy gap in time from not making anything leads him to thoughts of murder his need is so strong.

The first music Ben remembers taking note of was ‘The Beatles’ and ‘ABBA’ blasting from his Father’s stereo. However, James Brown, Miles Davis, Prince, jazz, metal, funk, hip-hop, music concrete and a heck of a lot of electronic music made by his friends soon took their place inspiring him to take the musical path he’s now on.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when he started making music but Ben distinctly remembers using an Amiga 500, a Fostex four-track tape deck and a couple of vintage synths very early on. A few years later, he spent his entire student loan on a Nord 1 rack and an Akai S900 Sampler. By now, he was heavily into DJing as well.

In 2006, Ben collaborated with Cristian Vogel as ‘The Black E’ making some intense and twisted hardware jams that culminated in his first vinyl release on Sleep Debt Records, a CD on Seed Records, as well as gigs in London and Berlin.

Since then, Mr. Pest  has had numerous vinyl releases, amongst others, on Varvet, Don’t, Mindcut, I Love Acid, Horror Boogie and his own label OverworX which he set up in 2018 specifically for the solid dance floor music he creates.

Ben is also a member of mind-bending 8-piece funk-jazz band ‘Pest’ who have had several releases on Ninja Tune and he collaborates with Luke’s Anger as ‘Bebop and Rocksteady’ from time to time.

Due to his notoriety, Ben gets regularly booked, playing all over Europe at venues, clubs and festivals including Don’t, Uglyfunk, Corsica Studios, Suicide Circus, Berghain, Boomtown and Bangface amongst others using his current some-what more advanced kit from when he first started out, always utilising the newest beasting machines that money can buy.