Berk Offset

The Brazilians gave us samba, the Americans, country and the Africans, talented drummers. What pray tell have the Teutons gave us? ,,,,,,,,,,, the ‘march’ and the ‘flourish’ of course. Added to that, for those that do understand and follow through various terrains and such, that something new is on the horizon. This is the producer, label owner and live act Berk Offset. With ‘schmusi-musi’ he’s not quite the one, this has something to do with the pure techno-blood flowing in his veins infusing others and thereby making them part of the frenzy of his desire. What ends up twirling from his machines he’s given the seemingly-derisive name ‘fehler funk’ ………. loosely translated ‘error-funk’.

That’s because serious, straight-lined marching orders do not come with his sound. His belongs to those of the mind-boggling techno which feature characteristics like frickle, glitch and minimal that inadvertently trot along through time. Filled through scarcity his wares have always had a place in electronic dance music. The electrician, cook and constructivist Berk Offset busies himself, alongside soldering irons and resistance, happily with seasonings and a good deal of lard shortening.

Put eloquently, the spaces make the groove. That little something which fills the space between balance and imbalance, between kicking funkiness, insanity, grinning cheeks and a psychotic sound-fetish as a meal fashions the sonic habitus for his music.

He steers his tracks that connect modern sound aesthetics with traditional straight forwardness. His sound clicks on the lights in the club and leads the dancers to a cellar where a pitiful bohemian village with seven seals sits.

This co-founder of 9Volt-musik launched the label Wakkler in 2012, a rock label, but with a mouse and data machines instead of guitars and drums, and therewith let the half-light of the underworld seep out. The first release, served as a limited edition various artists 12″, is wonderful for those that aren’t most keen on being carried over the floor by “deep house.”

Berk Offset is one of those whose veins and arteries are quite possibly cables and cords, creating sonic insanity for a maximum euphoric niveau.