Bermind AKA Ksenia Volker from Moscow, Russia is a producer and DJ who’s known for her twisted, distorted and atmospheric industrial techno that often verges into the experimental realm. A tough kick, overloaded percussion and an all-encompassing ambience of agony permeate every track she creates while the DJ sets she lays down are overtly tough and powerful, showing no signs of mercy.

A very musically talented artist, Ksenia previously studied to be a vocalist, a guitarist, a drummer and has four years hard graft of doing extreme vocals in deathcore / mathcore band ‘Response to External Aggression.’ After the band split up in 2014 Ksenia didn’t involve herself with music for two years until the realization that she could interpret her heavy riffs and mathematical rhythms using the distorted sounds of synthesizers.

After self-studying sound design she began to create her experimental compositions, writing her first track for a graphic design contest at the end of 2017.  Soon after, chatting with like-minded people online, her passion for industrial techno music started to grow and even more frenzied experimentation began in her studio taking great inspiration from artists Mickey Nox, LADO, Ayarcana and Duellist amongst others.

As 2018 emerged so did she as a DJ along with her first solo release appearing on ‘Industrial Techno United’ which marked the beginning of a series of impressive releases that year. 2019 seen even more crunching releases on ‘Generated Samples’, ‘Falsive Records’ and ‘Crusade’, all of which have been lauded most highly, especially for such a young newcomer onto the scene. 2020 will see her first release appear on ‘Struktur’ with more of her breath-taking punishment lined-up on other stunning labels to follow.

Ksenia feels alive when writing music, living and breathing the experimental industrial soundscapes she creates.  She’s also akin to working closely with other artists on projects including Veta.M, TYRANT and Architektur who’ve helped enormously to develop her sound. With concrete plans afoot to get Bermind published on some seriously heavy hitting labels and with such drive and vision it was an easy choice for Nomad to warmly accept her on board the RIOT train to become part of our rapidly growing family.