Black Jack

Black Jack, better known by his DJ pseudonym Mr. Man and also under the dub step genre as Submorphosis, has been in and around the dance music scene since 1996. His influences come from Detroit, citing Juan Atkins, Rhythm is Rhythm, Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes and Jeff Mills as instrumental creators of his own unique style which is a mixture of tribal acid house and techno with loads soul and atmosphere.

A regular patron at Scotland’s finest club nights Pure, Slam, Test and Syntax amongst others, these nights became pivotal points in his early days as an enthusiastic fledgling DJ, opening the flood gates to an abundance of top acts from around the globe that fed his creative spirit.

Along with many international gigs, his incredible DJing skills have seen him play in all the best underground clubs in Scotland including Club 69, Soundhaus and Carlton Studios. He’s been a resident at many club nights including Syntax, Funion, Pigeon Project and Bang Tech 12, playing alongside such talented individuals as Blake Baxter, Funk D’void, Pure Science and Detroit Techno Militia.

Eventually not only wanting to play but to create musically what was now a passion for him he began to compose and in 2009 his first transatlantic release arrived on Derrick Thompson’s Detroit based label Soiree Records International. This was soon followed by releases on Scenic Music and Fathom Records. In the UK he’s released on Murge Recordings and Rhythmic Science (with Mark Archer). The stunning tracks he’s created have gained him much recognition, leading to many being remixed by respected artists including Drivetrain, Pure Science, 2lite, Thomas Barnett and Jace Syntax.

Along with a busy DJing schedule, he’s recently started his own imprint Xenology Records with co-owner and DJ partner Jace Syntax which focuses on futuristic house and techno. A lot’s planned for this label which already has heads turning so keep your eye on it and for that matter, Black Jack, an ace up anyone’s sleeve.