Bound By Endogamey

Emanating from the Swiss squat / punk scene, Bound By Endogamy are an incredible electronic duo from Geneva, Switzerland, composed of Kleio Thomaïdes (lead vocals, electronics) and Shlomo Balexert (vocals, electronics, live drums).

The duo spent many years playing in French speaking punk rock, oi! and electro punk bands Faute De Frappe, Ghetto Blaster and The Spanx while continually working to promote live acts in their home town. After meeting each other in the same band rehearsal studios they started to collaborate on DJ sets mostly oriented around post punk, cold wave and minimal wave selections. Then, they sold their souls. They progressively excluded the rock ’n’ roll tracks and built their sets around electronic material only, focusing on EBM, industrial, electro wave, electro funk and acid releases.

In November 2018 they were enlightened at a D.A.F. gig and decided to launch their own live project based on the same particular set up utilising vocals, electronics and live drums, eventually playing their very first show at the Deviant Art Festival in Geneva the following year. Their sound was described as a cross between D.A.F. and Kleenex with their most influential reference being akin to that of Detroit duo ADULT. But even if the punk energy still prevails in their live acts, especially the vocals, they don’t stay confined to only one style of music and attempt to integrate all kinds of elements within their productions from minimal wave to full blown industrial techno.

Until now they’ve mostly played in squats and alternative venues alongside other live instrumental punk bands but have since been hosted by Lux Rec, the Swiss dark electronic label managed by Daniele Cosmo of Savage Grounds, to play at a release party in Zurich with a 100% electronic line up with Kleio being invited to record vocals on two Savage Grounds tracks following their appearance.

Besides their musical project, they collaborate on photography and video works, both of which are stunning. The elegance and beauty they portray in that media is breathtaking. All of this and an appearance on our very own RIOT Radio Records after submitting an exceptional winning entry in The Horrorist remix competition we ran and you have one seriously gifted duo to bestow your wonder and awe upon.