He that be Brainstorm resides in Edinburgh, UK. He’s a world class DJ with unquestionable skill, granting him a devout following wherever he plays and he’s also the fourth resident DJ here at RIOT.

He grew up listening to heavy rock, space rock and reggae amongst other styles, “Just good shit” as he eloquently puts it and a brief career in rock ensued. Whilst lookin’ marvellous in spandex and sporting a pointy guitar, it was only a matter of time before the endless press publicity of acid house mega raves, married with Radio 1’s fondness for playing Stakker Humanoid caught his imagination.

Several educational visits to Tenerife also cemented his new found path but he found Edinburgh sadly lacked the right type of music played in the right way. So in 1988, aged 19, stacks of tasty vinyl and turntables were bought.

A couple breaks later in Edinburgh 1989, Mr. Watson met Mr. McIvor at his first residency in strobe smoke infused club UFO. Here their ideas generated, viability established and DJ skills were tested and enhanced to ensure that the dancing fools bouncing around to the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays stayed on the dance floor whilst the music built up to Brainstorm’s desired acid house stylings. Playing alongside the Shamen required DJ names for posters ..…………. Twitch & Brainstorm are born.

In 1990 he co-founded Scotland’s first techno club ‘Pure’ which became legendary in the 10 years it ran, bringing to Europe for the very 1st time artists like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and Green Velvet. It also spawned three labels with releases from artists including Coil, Orlando Voorn and Brainstorm himself.

Since Pure ended, Brainstorm has played on occasion, here and there. Two of the more notable extravaganzas being the night the Sub Club burnt down and the night La Belle Angele burnt down. A peculiar coincidence I can’t quite put my finger on hmmmmmmm?

Now a co-resident at Edinburgh’s immensely fun night Bubble, he keeps the exuberant crowd dancing with his deep, dark, far out track selection. Spandex optional, boom, boom, wibble, everyone is happy!