C Mantle

C Mantle from Edinburgh, UK is one of his home cities most respected artists. He’s a producer of exceptional talent and a label boss with excellent clarity of vision, always striving to excel in any musical field he decides to pitch his auditory tent in.

Both his parents are classical musicians which he musically rebelled against at a very young age and was soon listening to AC/DC at 8 years old. His teenage years were filled with death metal, punk, grindcore …………… and 80’s synth pop, even forming a crazy, fast and frenetic punk band called Francis and the Fairylights when he was 14. In his late teens he was introduced to house and techno …….. then harder techno ………. then even harder techno, IDM, breakcore, gabba ……………………. and ambient.

He took massive influence from the John Peel and Jeff Young’s Big Beat radio shows, from mid 90’s techno, especially the darker, harder UK artists like Oliver Ho and Surgeon, Autechre and other Warp Records artists, and from frequenting Edinburgh’s legendary clubs Pure, Lift and many London warehouse parties.

He was a dabbling DJ because he rarely found the sounds he wanted and gradually became more and more interested in creating tracks rather than playing them. He proceeded to buy machinery and attempted to make techno. However, he found this difficult, instead preferring to make IDM, electro and breakcore which were styles came much more naturally to him. He stopped listening to techno for nearly 15 years after that.

Writing music is sometimes hard going, but his perseverance pays huge dividends. He adamantly keeps off the path of getting trapped into formulaic constructs, preferring to constantly evolve his sound, making original stand out tracks in whichever direction his multi-talented brain decides to go.

His releases appear on Mindcut, Earwiggle, Obscuur Records and his own Acre Recordings (amongst others) transmitting everything from IDM to techno made from DIY samples to noisy, slightly breakcore tinged hip-hop.

He’s worked with artists including Savier and Ingen from Edinburgh and American Jason Goodrich previously and is firmly focused on putting out releases with these artists and others in the future.