Cannibal Cooking Club

For more than 15 years the Cannibal Cooking Club has been bangin’ out the shizzle with its rough and varied cuisine. Not only cooking for the German locals but for their larger international clientele with a unique selected palate of ingredients. These two chefs satisfy even the most demanding of guests with their special technoid recipes.

Hydro aka Alex Kork and Error aka Berk Offset created the Cannibal Cooking Club in 1999 after meeting at a party and discovering they had the same ideas on music and it´s need for more experiments. Their first recording session for sounds began in Errors kitchen by turning on his kitchen appliances. Their sound is influenced by techno legends such as Cristian Vogel, Dave Tarrida, Jamie Lidell and Neil Landstrumm. Not forgetting their experiments with kitchen tools, field recordings and jam sessions, 80s electronic music, EBM, industrial, electro, jazz, sounds of old home computers and damaged instruments too.

In 2002 they met Cora S. of Mental Industries and Possible Music Records to let her hear one of their recorded live sets …….. she wanted more! So they recorded some tracks for Possible Music records. After a few delicious releases on various labels they founded Cannibal Cooking Club records. Since then they’ve invented many indulgent releases on their own label along with a multitude of other desirable releases on labels such as Tonica, Chan n’ Mikes & Kitty Corner. They’re always looking for new tastes, frequency recipes and sound ingredients.

Raw machinery is the main ingredient used by these connoisseur geniuses of divine bangin’ness and if you haven’t sampled their cuisine before then you won’t soon forget it once sampled. You’ll definitely make another booking to get these chefs working in your techno kitchen.