Berlin based producer and DJ Charlton was born in 1982 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. At the age of 17 he began chasing the early rave parties which were happening all over Holland and around 1999 his love for electronic music turned into an obsession.

He soon started to DJ and eventually started producing and building up his unique sound in 2001. Boosted by the ‘Electronic Music Productions’ study he took at one of Holland’s best known music production colleges, he started putting his work together for his first live Pa which debuted in 2004.

Charlton’s inventive style of producing tracks back then combined techno from “the old days” with his own dark offbeat rhythms. Adding nasty razor-sharp and hypnotizing acid basslines to this creating a truly unique ‘Charlton’ sound that had a great impact on the Dutch techno scene. He was soon playing everywhere with gigs and residencies across Holland and has since played at various cutting-edge parties such as Awakenings, Heroes of Techno, Qbase and Detached.

Moving to London gave Charlton new experience and a clearer point of view, and as a result his music started to change. Breaking up with his traditional dark rhythms gave him the opportunity to create a new style and helped him greatly to understand the essence of techno music.

As well as putting out amazing releases on labels including Mord, Field Records, Audio Assault and Pohjola amongst others, 2013 seen Charlton form the ‘Poverty is Violence’ imprint with long-time friend Nick Dunton of 65d Mavericks.

PIV was formed as a reaction to the endless slew of meaninglessness and mediocrity in the modern age, searching for the creative spaces where people fear to tread and then pushing the boundaries as far out as possible. Established artists including Charlton, 65d Mavericks, XXX, Drug Culture, KSP and Mark Forshaw have helped put PIV on the map with zero promotion and a truly punk ethos delivering five highly acclaimed releases in its first 18 months.

Poverty makes music for the mind with a message from the heart. It’s not enough to stand by and be silent, stand for something or fall for anything!