Chip Tronic

Chip Tronic aka Gideon Lenz is a highly imaginative DJ, producer and record label boss from Bielefeld, Germany who focuses on the Brighton techno, wonky and electro sounds, incorporating highly experimental techniques, components and performance to power up his musical motherboard.

Originally from Sinsheim, he grew up in Germany’s seminal rave days listening to lots of mixes on the radio. He was deeply impressed by the more experimental parts of the HR3 club night sets as well as the radio shows by Fusion and NewsOnVinyl.

After listening and eagerly collecting from researching and buying records himself, he soon began to discover that a deep love for experimental electronic dance music had started to swell within, leading him to start creating his own tracks in 1995. After first experimenting with a Roland MC303 Groovebox, he switched to using Reaktor which gave him much more scope for the exploratory direction his enigmatic style of compositions were steering towards.

Gideon regularly frequented Daniel Benavente’s legendary Stuttgart club Neue Heimat where he met Antonio Marques whom he went on to found the Bombtrap imprint with in 2004. The first release on their new label, ‘Restless Breed’ by Chip Tronic soon became a true classic in the wonky techno scene. One year later in 2005, after leaving Bombtrap entirely in Antoni’s hands, he started up the Stonedwave label with Jochem Heym.

A busy time for Chip Tronic soon followed with releases coming fast and furious, just like his music, not only on his own labels but on Crowbar Recordings, Dungeon-Killer and Highball Music amongst others. But unfortunately due to his day job commitments the only tracks he released for a while were those out of his archive. Then in 2012 his productions started afresh with the most stunning tracks and outrageous live sets being created and pieced together once more ready for transmission.

2017 seen him start his irregular mix series called “Jiggle, Smile and Rave” and his productions have gone into full over drive with a relentless release schedule planned for himself and other brilliant artists on his Stonedwave imprint. Let’s hope his internal CPU doesn’t overload.