Chris Moss Acid

Chris Moss Acid is an acid house and electronic musician based in Bournemouth, UK. His output is largely defined by the classic acid house sound, composed with Roland TB-303, SH-101, TR-606, TR-707 and many elegant classic synths. He’s part of a new generation utilizing distinctive dirge, merging mono-synth abrasiveness with other sounds and delivering something exceptional and uniquely different. In his own words, “I make the dance music”.

His own take on the acid sound moves between very pure interpretations of both the original Chicago and wonkier British forms, occasionally wrapping tunes in a tight fabric of experimentalism and adding shining synths that utilise the silver box’s ability to push out from its ghetto and reach skyward without having to fall back on brute, trancey touches. For example, his track “Classical Rinse” was a piece of classical music but written with the use of a Roland TB-303. His output also includes ambient, drill ‘n’ bass and hardcore genres.

Chris started out DJing in 2004 at his friend’s local electronica night Egon Spengler. The nights were popular, bringing some of the leading IDM acts to Bournemouth including Ceephax, Ladyscraper, Cylob, and local experimental bands such as The Mylar Blackout & Glockenspeil.

From 2005 he released an influx of free download mp3 albums covering various styles of acid house and techno. His first 12″ was released in 2007 on Chicago’s Mathematics Recordings and has had many since on labels including Don’t, 030303, Rave Or Die, Shipwrec and Computer Controlled Records.

2011 seen Chris start his own digital Label Boxfade Records, releasing his music exclusively on Bandcamp, but he got bored with that and now only releases his older tracks on the site, refusing to release music digitally on labels unless it’s something special.

He’s played all over Europe, appeared on countless radio shows and compilations and has collaborated with other exceptional artists on various projects including a limited edition run of 26 C90 cassette tapes with his associate Kaen which was requested by e-mail.

A truly talented analogue master, this acid Joker literally laughs up the acid …………………. then laughs it back up all over you.