Christian Wünsch

Over the last twenty years, Christian Wünsch has become a very well-known and influential figure within the electronic music scene throughout the world, especially in his native Spain, with an arsenal of unique sonic productions created with extremely high precision. The distinctive energetic and cyclic techno that exudes from within his musical palette, combined with components of subliminal soul have all become part of his trademark sound.

Although he was born in Monaco, Christian has spent most of his life in the north of Spain where he still lives and produces music. From there he started his own labels Tsunami Records and Nine Records (that are indispensable parts of any respectable record collection), through which he’s successfully released the most amazing cutting edge techno tracks.

As well as his own productions, his labels release music from artists such as Exium, Fanon Flowers, Developer and Oscar Mulero. He’s also had three albums and more than 100 releases put out on various labels including PoleGroup (whom he’s one of the founders), Semantica, Token and CLR amongst others.

Proof of his production skills can be seen on his remarkable remix C.V. from working with the biggest names in techno including Surgeon, Regis, Orphx and Reeko to name a few. He’s also worked on the highly successful collaboration ‘Spherical Coordinates’ with Oscar Mulero releasing a number of acclaimed 12”s to date.

Christian’s hard work has earned him a worldwide reference in his field and pole position on the line-ups of the best clubs and festivals all over the world. He’s one international artist that has truly made a name for himself with an impeccable career to match from producing the most dark, abstract and atmospheric sounds, becoming one of the most renowned techno producers whose name has appeared all over the world on the labels and charts of other great artists.