Chunk aka Zack Coleman is a techno DJ who holds residencies at Edinburgh clubs Shake Yer Shoulders, Fourbyfour, Fourplay and Asylum. He easily draws the crowd in with chunky fat bass lines whilst constantly keeping it fluid and savvy to get his club’s respective houses jumpin’

Chunk as a DJ has evolved through a history of jazz, hip hop, rap and funk, listening to artists like EPMD, People Under The Stairs, Big L and Wu-Tang Clan. However, it wasn’t until 2013 when he got into the underground dance scene that he started realising his love for electronic music was just as powerful for him as keeping the essence of hip hop and funk in his track selection during his sets.

In the summer of 2014 he was asked to play as guest at Shake Yer Shoulders ……….. he properly blew the club roof right off it’s hinges and was promptly asked back as a resident. One year later he and two friends started up their own club night, Asylum, hosting dance parties playing all kinds of techno, from bare minimal material right up to and including multitudes of filthy hard pounding honkers. Through the success of Asylum he was then asked to join Fourbyfour as a resident alongside Krowne and the lads that make its walls ebb with elongated flowing rhythmic architecture.

Due to his wicked skills and the kudos that came with being a resident at Fourbyfour he’s had the chance to support many big artists playing at his residential clubs and the opportunity to play at some of the best Scottish events including Apache and the Audio Soup festival.

Including his multiple residencies which keep his twitchy musical fingers busy, Chunk has a great many things in the pipeline as he’s recently started to produce his own material. Although he still has much to learn due to his youthful age, he’s made a tremendous start and has amassed a steadily growing band of followers.