Codex Empire

Although a relative newcomer to the contemporary techno scene, Mahk Rumbae, the British born, Vienna based producer behind Codex Empire has been creating challenging experimental electronic music for over 25 years working as one half of industrial / experimental band Konstruktivists as well as a raft of varied solo and side-projects. Combining this background in dark electronic music with heavy rhythmic elements has made Codex Empire an intense and simultaneously danceable experience both live and on record.

Mahk grew up in the 70’s listening to lots of 60’s music as a result of raiding his parents’ record collection before 80’s synth pop bands like The Human League and Soft Cell caught his attention. This opened up a vast avenue of discovery leading him to find Throbbing Gristle in his late teens. This completely changed the course of his musical path and he began to make his own electronic music contagiously inspired by his industrial peers.

Originally taking up the guitar, he soon realised he could neither play the instrument or sing properly so turned to composing with synths and drum machines instead, gaining much stimulus from throwaway comments and random sounds or imagery from paintings, photographs and film.

Codex Empire began with Mahk experimenting with techno solely for himself, but the more conscious he became about his abilities and what he was capable of dictated how these sonic sculptures would work in a clubbing environment. Consequently he now discards more material than in the past but feels a greater sense of achievement when something special materialises.

As Codex Empire he’s released well received EPs on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Leyla Records, Sacred Court and Khemia Records amongst others. His tireless remix work has also been greatly coveted with his amazing production skills clear for all to hear on releases by The Soft Moon, Unconscious, Melania and Martyn Hare on our own RIOT Radio Records.

Appearing only as a live act, not as a DJ, Codex Empire is playing more gigs than ever before, relentlessly in Europe, and with some really memorable shows including the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 6 year party at Arena Club in Berlin, Berghain, Suicide Circus and Boiler Room to name a few.