Barcelona based D-Omen AKA Damian Henderson started mixing vinyl in 1995 at the tender age of 10 after his mother bought him turntables with techno, trance and house vinyl. After just two months of practice with no outside influence he’d already mastered mixing, quickly catching the attention of promoters and started smashing it at free parties, pubs and clubs, soon becoming known as the UK’s first and original child techno DJ of the 90’s.

When Damian turned 12 he got booked to play with CJ Bolland, earning himself a full page review in DJ Magazine soon after, gaining support from Carl Cox, and carried on playing in front of thousands of ravers alongside the likes of Luke Slater, Ralph Lawson, Mark Hawkins and Ugly Funk.

A couple years later Damian started creating his own music at Footprint Studios where he’d also teach others how to mix vinyl and produce. Over the next seven years he ventured through-out Europe where he DJ’d at various festivals and warehouse parties. On his return to Blighty, Damian started collecting audio hardware, piecing together a live set he’d go on to play at events across the UK.

He then took a prolonged break to focus on other projects such as sound design with gaming development teams, motorsports and music production & mastering which led to the creation of Dyami Records, a label for his experimental Dozophouriz pseudonym, eventually returning in 2014 as D-omen with the formation of his label and company project ‘Infalux’ which gained support from many top artists.

2017 seen Damian return to live performance at a ‘Desert Storm Sound System’ event in Italy, quickly prompting bookings from interested promoters around Europe where he went on to play across the continent once again, giving special focus to selective events in Italy, Spain and playing on two stages at the legendary Glastonbury Festival.

Since then Damian’s gotten back in producing and is releasing his own unique style of electronica, and with a new Mindsync alias, on labels including Bombtrap, Desert Storm (which he co-runs), YaYa, Subsonic and on our very own RIOT Radio Records on more than one occasion.