Dave Mono

David Barrett AKA Dave Mono is, very simply, the techno and electro offshoot of his DROKKR DJ project which mainly consists of dark and hard bass music with a little bit of acid thrown in every now and then.

Dave started writing music in 2008, originally creating experimental ambient and drone expressions drawing inspiration and influences from all kinds of sources, something he’s become well renowned for. Some years later, after many live performances all around Europe, he was talked into incorporating beats within his music which heralded the birth of his Dave Mono alias.

As Dave Mono he always has and always will be primarily a live act where you’ll hear these aforementioned influences sitting in amongst everything as a track or as a live set unfolds. His performances generally go down the root of more chunky, loopy and tracky techno but he’s working towards a heavier broken sound on his latest evolution as an artist.

Until recently Dave mainly produced slower music around 120 bpm but from the start of 2020 the tempos have been steadily creeping all the way up to 140 bpm, matching his more rampant DROKKR alias. He doesn’t want to drive full steam ahead into industrial territory, that sort of mayhem is reserved for his DJing, but he is keen to jump deeply into whatever vast rabbit-hole of experimental music he ends up going down whether it’s playing live on stage or bunkered up within his Haarlem based studio.

He’s really enjoyed working on his music since moving from Ireland to the Netherlands in 2019 and it’s massively reflecting in his productivity, development and the evolution of his sound, especially since the dawn of 2020 which has induced a beyond strange calm that has seen something click for the better within his studio.

As Dave Mono he’s had releases on Digital Distortions, Section 27 and Body Control Records with a lot more in the pipeline including an appearance on our very own RIOT Radio Records after submitting an exceptional winning entry in The Horrorist remix competition we ran.