Dave Shades

Tearing his way through sets that merge the fiercest elements of techno, electro, booty and house with room left over for gabba, breakcore, rave and hip hop, Dave Shades is one of the most energetic people you’ll find behind a set of decks. With a ferocious style honed from his early years as a battle DJ, the Horror Boogie Records boss is as comfortable mashing up warped pop edits (as Greggery Peccary) and beat juggling ghetto classics (as Butt Rogers) as he is scratching techno pounders at breakneck tempos.

Then there’s the all-out 80’s kitsch assault of the Cool Willy Brothers, a party focussed collaboration with Inflatable Fuhrer of Act Normal Records, which pops up periodically to slay unsuspecting festival goers with a gratifying onslaught of sleaze.

Having served as a promoter for Glasgow nights Banjax and Mount Heart Attack, Shades has since branched out to become a regular fixture across the UK and Ireland, forging lasting links with the likes of Don’t, Coin-Op and Bangface along the way.

Founding Horror Boogie Records in 2011, the Glasgow based Teen Wolf fanatic has released work by the likes of Subhead, Ben Pest, Michael Forshaw and Luke’s Anger and has more recently moved into producing his own tracks. Horror Boogie Records was set up as a result of not enough people releasing “the good stuff” on vinyl. You can expect to hear lots of “out there” bass, breaks, rave, electro and wonk.

With music already out on Act Normal Records, Acre Recordings and Coin Operated, he’s actively putting the finishing touches to collaborations with Yeahbuzz and Fear-E, the latter project bringing an audio dimension to a tag team partnership that has terrorized many a Glasgow after party over the years.

Whether you’ve booked Shades, Peccary, Rogers or a gruesome combination of all three, you best prepare for chaos and keep the bar stocked as they’ll most likely be on the doubles all night.