Dep Affect

Melbourne based Travis Evans aka Dep Affect is one heavy hitting techno legend who commands absolute respect. Avoiding the cheesy and obvious at all costs, Dep Affect’s original and intriguing sounds relentlessly overwhelm and punish dance floors to within an inch of their lives.

Travis began writing music aged 12 when his cousin showed him FastTracker on his PC, which was well before he knew anything about electronic music. A lot of experimentation and noodling with machines ensued which seen his newly found fascination with electronica rapidly grow and he eagerly began searching for new and different sounds, the weirder the better, especially synthesiser music wherever it could be found.

Then a couple of years later, despite being non-existent down his side of Australia, he discovered gabber and became obsessed with this new aggressive hardcore sound coming out of Holland and Germany.  Artists including Manu Le Malin, Miro, Marc Acardipane and Promo inspired him greatly to become a DJ and to produce crazy shit in the footsteps of his peers.

Before even stepping into a club or a rave, Travis had started DJing at home after working enough on the family farm to afford a pair of turntables. However, without any relent, he was also constantly making music ……………………

Years later in 2005, this self-taught hard graft paid off, and under the alias of Dep Affect he signed with Dutch stable ‘The Third Movement’ after DJ Promo loved the demos he sent, going on to produce three 12” releases on their imprints. He continued his exploration of industrial hardcore techno over the coming years through New York based Industrial Strength Records.

Since then, appearances on impressive labels including Green Fetish Records, Pitch Dark Records, Tripalium Records and Genosha Recordings have materialised. Collaborations with French artist 14anger have also been plentiful with the pair complementing each other perfectly, producing some incredibly banging monsters every time they hook up. Djing these days is also greatly different from his bedroom mixing antics as he can often be heard playing alongside such nutty techno behemoths as Mickey Nox, Manu Le Malin and The Outside Agency.