Dez Williams

Holy Island, an island off the coast of North Wales, is where Dez Williams begun spinning wax at an early age and now maintains his humble analogue / digital studio.

Isolated from the marketing, fashion and pretentious attitudes that plague the music industry, Dez is free to express himself through his machines. Safe from this environment he is unconstrained and has no urge to conform within any ideal or aesthetic and thus his electronic music is pure self-expression.

His sound is perhaps a product of his daily grind with boredom, escapism, events in his life and a long-term passion for technology, horror and science fiction. Inspired by many of the classic Detroit / Chicago / electro / techno producers, like the finest, his sound is unique, uncompromising and unpredictable. His vision of techno is deep and futuristic with a heavy dose of funk.

Dez’s passion for sound and the darker side of the human spirit compels him to create tracks on an almost daily basis and he sits on an incredibly vast archive of cassettes, mini-discs and CD’s of his work. Yet his reclusive nature dictates that his release schedule remains sparse.

His tracks can range from driving techno, to melancholy and dark synthesizer orchestrations, ghostly deep listening, straight up electro cuts and beyond. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, within his sounds are vast amounts of detail for the listener to decipher. Emotions transmitted through mathematics and code.

Williams’ tracks have found their way into the sets of DJ’s like Dave Clarke, Adam X, John Peel, Ellen Allien and Mike Dred, constantly retaining an underground / cult fan base. His debut LP “Elektronik Religion”’ for the “SCSI” label was hailed as “One of the very few truly great electro albums of the new century” and he’s had many releases on many labels including Acruacreee, Ai, Cheap, SCSI-AV & Earwiggle.

He does thankfully escape his island solitude, regularly DJing and playing live sets across the world.

Dez remains true to the underground and simply creates for the love and need to do so, the mark of a true artist.