Arthur Gaerdes AKA DJ ARG from Mainz, Germany is an acid, techno and house producer whose distorted bass, bleeps, non-edited, live recorded, hypnotic, monotone, trippy as fuck, brain crushing, don’t give a fuck gear porn filled sounds are something apart from all others that have come before him.

Arthur grew up fervently listening to hip hop, punk and a myriad of dance music and acid house from late 80’s onwards including Bomb The Bass, Adonis and Tyree.

He started clubbing in 1994 aged 14 as a devout disciple of the legendary OMEN, Frankfurt am Main where he religiously frequented every weekend for four years solid, and with a resident like Sven Väth playing every Friday and guest acts like Cristian Vogel, Luke Slater, Surgeon and Sapiano also playing regularly, it’s not surprising he never went home.

Arthur had DJ’d and produced all through that time but took a solid break until 2004 when his excitement was rekindled by artists like Paul Birken and Jammin’ Unit and he started to produce again under his many aliases including ARG The 909 King, Faceless Junkies Deluxe, Real Motherfuckers Don’t Talk Shit and Johann Van Der Smuut, appearing on some of the mightiest labels around including Super Rhythm Trax, Analog Records USA, Brut Noir and Rotraum Musik and playing gigs in some of the craziest clubs around including the Palazzo, Kasematte and The Ex M.

His eagerness to produce has never faltered since then and he’s on his machines 24/7. When not writing tracks he’s bangin’ out noise on the turntables, it’s his therapy against the shit in the world he’s firmly against and appalled by. He’s most definitely a fuck the system individual, not interested at all in fame, money or listening to any dumb advice and opinions of sick capitalists.

With such passion and never ending output under his many aliases he’s going to keep the shit fully on and fill the cloud and his Bandcamp page with as much music as he can create, acid upon acid is Heaven on Earth after all and see what else comes along with his mother fuckin’ bass in ya face.