DJ Darkside

DJ Darkside aka Darren Lovibond from London, UK is the founder of doomcore / hardcore vinyl based label ‘Hellfire Records’ and the U.K. Hellfire Cult who also run a vinyl cutting studio that cuts one off everlasting dub plates.

Darren grew up in the 80’s listening to punk and rock music mainly due to his parents musical tastes until he discovered hip hop in his early teens. Those all eventually faded into the background as he progressed onto breakbeat and early rave which led him eventually to the hardcore scene which he’s been deeply embroiled in ever since. The Mover, PCP and their sub labels, and lethally pounding terrrorcore had him well and truly hooked.

He started DJing around 18yo and quickly became extremely skilled on the decks. He started to produce his own material around five years later but was frustrated at the lack of quality sounds at his disposal. However, he persisted with what he had, started frequenting Outcast Clan’s studio and started hanging around with people like Matt Green which all resulted in his first vinyl release making its debut on ‘Corrupt’ in 2002.

As the years progressed he continued to produce the most extreme terrorcore and started playing regularly on the ‘Crossbones’ sound system within the free party scene. This inevitably resulted in doomcore fully ensnaring him into its murky depths. Additionally, playing at Nordcore in Hamburg, Germany he met many contacts from all the best labels in the hardcore scene including Oliver Chesler, Miro Pajic and Marc Acardipane who all helped fan the fuel of his hardcore flame to such an extent he was determined to start his own label and ‘Hellfire Records’ was launched in 2007 with ‘AcidCore Records’ following a few years later.

DJ Darkside tends to produce on his own but relishes working with others, especially Fifth Era as they click exceptionally well when in the studio together, sharing the same vibes of demonic pandemonium and doom filled cavernous soundscapes.

As well as releasing on his own labels his amazing output can be found on outstanding labels such as ‘Outcast Clan’, ‘Traumatic’ & ‘Fifth Era’ amongst others. And with even more releases in the pipeline you best prepare yourself for DJ Darkside’s gratuitous doom laden overtones that will eternally crush your soul.