DJ Man At Arms

DJ Man At Arms aka Alex P. Jaeger has been DJing since 1992. He’s the master of techno metal, founder of Acid Wars and the owner of the renowned acid label A3C0I3D Tracks. Playing a mixture of both tweakin’ acid and bangin’ techno he kicks ass on any dance floor with his unique style of unsponsored, uninterrupted and unrepentant mayhem.

He grew up in the 80s being heavily influenced by all kinds of electronic music, especially from bands like Depeche Mode. In the early 90s listening to all kinds of Euro dance and rave classics like ‘James Brown is dead’ and ‘Who is Elvis?’ increasingly sparked his interest.

It was now he started going to raves, finding much inspiration from Westbams Low Spirit Crew and from attending underground clubs and raves in Germany witnessing his favourite acts Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier and Svan Vath, all the time becoming more and more in love with the beeping acid sounds of the Roland TB 303. This love is still hot!

His DJ career had also begun to flourish with him very focused on becoming a DJ for the people. Residencies at Acid Wars, Techno Rulez! and Fusion Club followed. His biggest dream was to play at Mayday, the mother of all raves and in 2013 he finally got his chance ………. mission accomplished.

In 1998 he founded the legendary Acid Wars events, which now happen in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. In 2001 he started up his respected A3C0I3D Tracks label which has since delivered over 50 releases from artists including Acid Junkies, DJ ESP, Rob Acid and his partner in crime Sorgenkint.

The last few years have been a complete rush for DJ Man at Arms. Along with playing at all the best clubs and festivals all over Europe including Mayday, Love Parade, Acid Wars Bunker @ Nature One, Tresor and Retro Acid, he also frequently tours the U.S., 6 times in just the last few years alone …………… unstoppable.

Are you ready for the Acid Killer???