DJ Ze MigL

José Miguel Efigénio Da Silva aka DJ Ze MigL is first and foremost a DJ, secondly a producer, creating crazy, funky and sometimes brutal techno mayhem, and thirdly ………..…….. he’s a dude!

Residentially from Lisbon, Portugal, he’s arguably been the most internationally known Portuguese techno producer during the last 20 years, whose underground activities have been recognised across the globe. Although known mainly for his countless releases, it’s as a DJ his name and skills speak louder, bagging bookings everywhere, including Colombia, Tel-Aviv & London, where Don’t holds a very special place in his heart.

Being an 80’s kid his musical education came from listening to early electronic music from synth pop to Kraftwerk, Bomb the Bass, Jean Michel Jarre and hip-house. This urged him to become a DJ around 1991, developing his own unique quirky style, never too serious or dark, proper party mode is always ON! He spins straight from his twisted heart with his very own improvisational characteristics, incorporating a unique groove which fills his sets with the essence of funkiness, bringing an unexplainable mood to his audience, whether he’s playing the stronger, faster stuff, or the funky “get yo rump’ on tha dance floor” bangers needed for everyone to get their body shakin’.

Taking his influences from such luminaries as Jeff Mills, Surgeon, The Advent and that hard Chicago sound, he plays with relentless skill at an astonishing speed (that’s why they call him MIG), easily manipulating three decks, breaking down and reassembling tracks, basically remixing on the spot. But mainly it’s just jolly good fun checking the huge pile of stacked vinyl in the aftermath of spinning a “simple” two hour set!

Producing from around 94-95, he’s extremely critical and overly analytical regarding his output, focusing solely on the groove and sounds, sequencing his trax with absolutely no compromise. This has led to him having many outstanding releases over the years on thee most impressive of labels including Djax-Up-Beats, Holzplatten, Error & Minimalistix.

MigL’s future plans include world domination mwhuhahahahahaaaaaaa ……………………. and to keep creating his own special brand of honkin’ techno, not changing a single cowbell.