Dot Product

Dot Product is a project conceived by producers Christopher Jarman and Adam Winchester which draws upon considered lines of sonic investigation in search of heavy-load-bearing compositions, sporting equal amounts of early industrial savagery to sound system pressure and abstract textures. This project is based around sounds derived from frequencies and anomalies commonly inaudible to the human ear.

From all manner of commonly discarded sound sources, they’ve sought out tones and frequencies, shaping them into sharp-edged, rough-hewn tracks, celebrating the eerie mood of industrial music without resorting to the hackneyed clang of sheet metal and machinery. Through years of research and experimentation the duo has sought to explore the creative potential of the internal resonance found in the negative space of an object, or the invisible fog of electromagnetic radiation, or the circuitry of discarded electronics and other such less travelled paths of sound generation.

These are all facets that play into their unique creative approach which truly seeks to yield musicality out of that which wasn’t previously detectable by human senses.
In harnessing these clandestine sonics, bringing them within audible range, the resulting collages of sound have transformed into a structure that nods to the legacy of upcoming British experimental electronic music, developing a new dialect in which to communicate.

Crucially, while there may be a scientific approach at the heart of Dot Product methodology, the results are far from clinical. There are subversive rhythms aplenty, jagged ripples and dread-fuelled marches throughout their creations made with an array of home made instruments sculpted from strings and electronics, custom built software, hacked game controllers, all sounds generated from nothing …………. no synths.

After sharing the initial results of their research the pair performed select live shows in Bristol, London and at the always impressive Atonal & Simple Things Festivals as well as being commissioned to create a sonic interpretation of Swedish horror film ‘Let The Right One In’. Their debut album on Osiris is the culmination of these initial steps.

2017 sees their second album ‘2080’ arrive along with a few other select auditory surprises for the avid listener of sonic delights including a score for the short movie ‘Todd Sloane’. And if you’re lucky to attend one, the duo will be holding more of their in depth lectures at some very prestigious venues such as Goldsmith University. These lectures involve the audience in a discussion and demonstration of their unique recording and production process, some in depth sound design secrets and a demonstration of how they transfer our material to the live domain.