Dunc Stark

Dunc Stark from Edinburgh is a sonically dandy man about town with a reputation to match. He’s the king of the slo-mo / cosmic disco scene around his home city, playing Balearic beats, soulful grooves and even the odd rock classic along the way.

He began DJing back in the unfashionable 70’s to adoring crowds of his parents and their friends at many family parties. Fast forward to the second summer of love and Dunc and his pals started putting on raves in function rooms and anywhere else they could. An avid muso, Dunc has relentlessly gone to hear bands and DJs since the year dot.

All this non-stop partying and attending all manner of nights out bagged him a DJ slot at a friend’s 40th in the Bongo Club. It was during this set that his friend Bill Spice offered him a residency at the RSI night in Southern Bar after witnessing Dunc’s impressive DJ skills. RSI catered for the rawer sounds of vintage techno and acid house, but sadly the night was closed down by the noise Police some months later.

Dunc and Bill relocated to ElboW, a wicked bar / restaurant just off the beaten track and reinvented them selves as ambiDECKstrous. With an impressive music policy that covered multi-genres, they gradually moulded the night into one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets. Hosted fortnightly for the next two years until it ceased in November 2013, they invited many friends as guest DJ’s and the likes of Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly to a night that quickly became standing / dancing room only.

Since then the duo have been in great demand from becoming firm favourites at many Scottish festivals including Audio Soup and Kelburn, and from regularly hosting various crazy nights (some monthly, some not) at selectively interesting venues in their home city, sometimes even further afield like the Wallace Monument in Stirling which was subjected to an all night ambiDECKstrous party.

At the last count this duo had three regular nights in and around Edinburgh because this particular DJ and his partner in crime simply do not know how to stop the funk.