Dave Urquhart aka Durkit from Musselburgh, Scotland is first and foremost a DJ but he’s also an incredibly talented producer who until now has hidden in the shadows, waiting for the right time to emerge …………………. that time is now.

Durkit was brought up listening to many forms of auditory wonders including electrically charged Jean-Michel Jarre, soulful Motown and oldskool Hip Hop. These influences and others like them greatly inspired him to delve into the depths of creatively expressive music.

This led Dave to start out into the wonderfully wild and wacky world of clubbing in 1989 by frequenting many of Edinburgh’s majorly influential nights such as Pure, Soma and Sativa, being lucky enough to have experienced the birth of techno in these establishments. During this time the art of turntablism engulfed him, becoming one of the most skilled and respected turntablists in the city.

He eventually moved onto producing around 1996 when his brother (who’s one half of RIOTous techno act Cymbol) bought a bass station. He’s been making music ever since.

Durkit’s tracks never end up as they start out, twisting, turning, churning and mangling his well founded ideas, continually morphing them with a strangely spangled symbiosis until they eventually take their final form. Though dabbling at creating music for many years, Durkit very rarely lets them loose on the public.

Over the years he’s graced many clubs and parties and even beamed his transmissions over the air waves on pirate station Nexus FM. Most recently, alongside playing at amazing Edinburgh nights such as Strutt & Wasabi Disco, he’s held residency at Bubble, a night which he started up with RIOT resident and Pure legend Brainstorm in 2009. With a hardcore following of devoted revellers it has a well deserved reputation about town as being thee place to be every time it’s on.

Along with a future release on RIOT, plans to dig through some long forgotten digital artefacts on a burgeoning stack of old hard drives he recently discovered may be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Considering Durkit really knows his onions, then this is something to avidly watch out for.