Sardinian born Jordi Sardà AKA E.L.I.A.S is an artist who’s always evolving and producing music that combines hard kicks with distorted synths and mean rumbling grooves in equal heavy measure. His enthusiastic mind grows with each step he takes musically, becoming more and more focused with every fist clenching beat he knocks out.

Jordi discovered music at the early age of six years old playing various instruments such as violin and guitar. Growing up he mainly listened metal and punk, but this eventually gave way to electronic music when his mind was bent by the likes of Otto Von Schirach as his rave adventure began. At 16 years old the stringed instruments were long gone as he approached electronic music full on focusing mainly on live sets rather than studio productions and a healthy interest in sonics took hold.

After moving to northern Italy, Jordi began studying as a sound engineer, eventually graduating from the SAE in Milan. After returning to Turin, he intensified his activity as a producer and in early 2020 he released his first track under the pseudonym of E.L.I.A.S for the London based label ‘Sticky Ground’. From there he proceeded to release on Green Fetish Records, Khazad Records, Marked and Archivio 01.

In the summer of 2020, together with childhood friends, he founded the ‘HomeMort’ label whose output covers wide ranging musical styles from electronica to underground punk, and they’re always actively looking for material to release.

As E.L.I.A.S, the nucleus of his future plans involves a more committed studio presence, striving to evolve his own distinctive style until he feels completely at one with his machines and put into his music those feelings that engulfed him at those early rave parties he attended which stole his eternal techno soul. RIOT Radio Records knows all this very well and it gives you a comprehensible insight into the fast-paced havoc this Italian stallion emits and why he’s making multiple appearances on our label in the future.