EGEBAMYASI is an acid music pioneer from Scotland who holds legendary status in the techno community.

In 1983 Mr. Egg 1st heard what went on to be acid house, by chance, playing on John Peels radio show. Although it wasn’t called acid house then, just an obscure sound Mr. Egg had switched onto. This was whilst playing bass guitar in the Mississippi Groovers, a band from Stirling and was his 1st introduction to the sound of a Roland TB-303.

Mr. Egg quickly gave up playing bass guitar due to this new influence and formed a one piece band playing acid music instead …. in early 1984 …. before anyone knew what to call it.

Experimentally things evolved and in 1986 saw his 1st release ‘Circumstances’ on Survival records. His major break came during a tour of Holland & Germany in the early 90’s. EGEBAMYASI was spotted in the fabled club “Milky Way” by Belgian label “Groove Kissing” which resulted in the massively acclaimed releases ‘EBY’ EP and ‘Acid Indigestion Parts 1 & 2.’ He followed this success with a torrent of single releases lincluding ‘Pizzacid’,’Sponge’,’Remont’ and ‘Acidboy’ on a plethora of labels and his albums ‘How to Boil an Egg’ and ‘Mother Goose’ are considered to be two of the finest examples of the acid genre. He received substantial acclaim throughout this period and was described on more than one occasion as “Moby on Steroids.”

With his live sets booked on a regular basis, EGEBAMYASI is in huge demand and his output is more relevant than ever in this stale music climate. An untouchable visionary in the acid music scene, especially with club goers from Pure in Edinburgh, EGEBAMYASI remains eggseptionally passionate about the underground acid music scene …………… and eggs!