Luca Vollaro aka Electrorites from Pordenone, Italy is an indomitable, uncompromising artist within the dance community. His high conceptualization of techno with his signature relentless kicks and incessant, demented synth leads has made such an indelible and undeniable impact it’s impossible not to get entangled within his sonic web of techno mayhem.

Initially it was the rhythm of his Father’s records that was the background music of his childhood before things got serious when he found himself in front of his first console where an irresistible musical passion took over and he eagerly began his journey into sound.

Public acclaim soon came in 1994 when he won an international DJ competition organised by a well-known club in Udine, which given the success of this young DJ, asked him to continue performing as a resident.

Around this time he became a member of staff at Radio Supernetwork. First as a mixing desk technician then with his own program where he showcased the latest innovative music of his genre. Experience led his style to evolve from progressive to electronic to techno, without becoming chained to a specific genre, where he demonstrated strong passion for free and open musical inspiration, driven always by a profound belief in experimentation

Along with starting to play internationally all over Europe in 2010, the same year saw him found his first record label Shot Records. One year later, he started up Nightmare Factory Records firing out releases by amazing artists including Space DJz, iFormat and Dave The Drummer amongst others.

His first individual vinyl release as an artist arrived in 2005 on Mantra Smiles. Since then he’s released the most amazing material on many outstanding labels including AFU Limited, Decoy Records, Morforecs and Vector Functions Records to name a few.

Eventually, after 10 years of experience in his studio, Luca released his first Electrorites album ‘Structures’ in 2016 that was a storm of industrial-tinged techno energy. The album received critical acclaim and full support from the higher echelons in the techno community. After the success of this he founded the relentless ‘Structures’ label for further adventures into battering ram techno territory.