Filthy Dick

Edinburgh based DJ and producer Filthy Dick is a deliciously slippery artist with an engorged techno sack who’s always at the ready to spurt his computer generated juicy tit bits all over your proverbial techno flaps.

This multifaceted harbinger of sound has been heavily influenced by much splendid audio over the years. The Brighton techno sound, labels including Downwards and Blueprint, and artists including Adam Beyer and Cari Lekibusch have all had their say in making Filthy Dick ejaculate his climatic brand of techno discharge all over the mean streets of Aberdeen, his original home town, and further afield since 1995.

Aberdeen was the home of ‘Jungle Nation’, arguably the best and longest running drum and bass night in Scotland which supplied a rich and diverse palette of breaks and old skool beats. Interestingly, there was very little musical division in the Aberdeen party scene, the same raving punters went to both jungle and techno nights which is why this Dick swings all ways musically with little regard for genre. The newly emerging breakbeat and trip-hop scenes were also cuming through at this time, completely grabbing him by his swollen auditory gonads, expanding his rapidly growing fascination for all manner of electronic based sleaze.

Around this time Filthy started creating breaks and techno tracks with Octamed on his trusty Commodore 64 and Amiga computers. He also had access to a large hardware studio where he cut his teeth on all things midi and patch. These were the long, long nights that honed his uniquely versatile technique to what it is today. Nowadays Reason is his main tool for creating whatever wondrously textured soundscapes that emerge from his mind.

His creative musical output can be divided into both techno and “other”. His techno creativity has constantly evolved throughout the decades due to modern innovations and new technologies, while his “other” side consists of trying out new ideas, beats and alternative methods of construction to produce something completely different altogether.

With such a noteworthy ability to create such a myriad of different styles, Filthy Dick was the perfect candidate to get on board the RIOT train for releasing material on our labels.