FLmm aka Mino Murri from London, U.K. is a DJ, producer and head of bangin’ techno label PLS.UK. A true driving force that’s full of passion and menace in equal amounts this is one artist that holds nothing back.

Growing up, Mino didn’t attach himself to one specific genre of music, he listened to everything. Punk and heavy rock mainly held his interest until he started DJing after artists including LFO, T99 and The Advent & Industrializer greatly influenced him to delve deeper into techno. Nowadays it’s the new breed at the vanguard of the heavier side of techno including Ansome, RVDE, Lars Huisman and VSK that resonate within.

Producing came much later on when he started messing around with Ableton at the same time as starting a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Business. Whilst at university he decided to start a record label and PLS.UK took form in 2015.  Not initially created to release his own personal productions but to release music from the artists he believed in, to share the music he loved and as a platform for young talented artists coming into the scene.

His skills as a producer are quite exceptional and improve each time he gets into his studio, something that’s finally completed after putting it together over a great deal of time and assembling a formidable array of synths in the process. Something he relishes in as he finds it much more fun and easier to write down whatever ideas come to mind with physical instruments in front of him rather than being chained to a sole computer.

This has led to outstanding FLmm releases on various labels including Toxic Waste Burned, Motz and Grounded, and playing in some of techno’s greatest clubs including Corsica Studios, which paved the way for him thanks to the ‘Jaded’ crew for vigorously supporting him and techno mecca ‘Tresor.’

Mino has held back releasing anything for a while on other labels because he made a decision to keep working on his material until he was ready to release exclusively on PLS.UK. Along with numerous solo EP’s, collaborations with Time Traveller and more V/A compilations, all of which are crammed full of completely bad ass techno, FLmm is definitely the one to look out for.