Forest People

Forest People is the alter ego of the DJ and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Lakic. This spiritually gifted individual who truly understands the significance of life and how to translate that into music is an inspirational source to anyone listening to his music.

Born and raised in the small town of Prnjavor, Dragan first got in touch with electronic music through a friend who gave him a Mauro Picotto album, quite a large jump from what he was previously listening to, that being bands including Metallica, Laiback and Rammstein.

His interest in techno music grew fast and he soon discovered the beautiful world of electronica. From frequenting parties, Dragan quickly got to know the right people and started DJing in 2004, eventually playing gigs all over his home country.

It didn’t take long before Dragan started producing music either, quickly proving himself to be a natural talent with his own distinct brand of techno that started getting huge recognition from DJs and producers all around the world.

Since coming to prominence he’s played gigs all over Europe in Tresor, Berghain, Sisphos and many other great clubs. This has been on the back of his many releases as Forest People which have appeared on superb imprints Mindcut, Darknet, Labrynth and Planet Rhythm Records amongst others, as well as his own label Parabola which he started with two friends in 2014.

He also produces under the name of Oleka, an output for his full on distorted, raw power, no mercy, off beat techno, and he’s also collaborated over the years with other brilliant artists including his friends Lag & Scalameriya.

Dragan gets a huge buzz from creating music and gets even higher thrills from learning new tricks and skills in the production process that he didn’t know the day before. Discovering so many new techniques and different ways to build a track creates a great swell of excitement within his very impulsive mind.

This highly motivated and driven producer has many forthcoming releases planned with labels including Power Vacuum, Variance and Green Fetish already having hired his services for that purpose.