Fudge Fingas

Gav Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas is a DJ, producer and record shop veteran from Edinburgh and has been a key part of the Firecracker Recordings label and collective since it’s inception in 2004, helping to define their deeply jazz infused, organic and left of centre house sound. His DJing, production and live performances can move through the many shades of house into the more melodic modes of techno, with all the charm of a genuine musician and a true music lover.

His musical journey started with his red plastic toy guitar at two years old, followed by the Casiotone MT-40 upon reaching four. At six years old, the discovery of pop stars such as Howard Jones, with their use of many synths and drum machines, led to a lasting obsession with this sort of approach… not to mention their quasi philosophical lyrics which would apparently influence his entire outlook on life.

He began putting mix tapes together from around the age of ten and then properly embraced turntablism some years later with his first public gig as a DJ in 1993. In 1996 he started working in Edinburgh’s foremost vinyl emporium Underground Solu’shn, his musical knowledge expanding ever more from this incredible source.

He’s actually been writing music since the age of four, and properly recording electronic music from the age of fourteen, his ageless creations having a lasting effect and, he hopes, the power to shift the listener’s own sense of time and space.

Besides his first home at Firecracker Recordings he’s released tracks on labels like Rush Hour, Purple Maze, Prime Numbers and Dekmantel, and has a variety of remix credits on labels including Compost, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Pulp, to name just a few.

His future projects involve getting some very old tracks out which various other labels had at one point suggested releasing, or that he may end up releasing himself. He’s also focusing on his other alias, Other Lands, a slightly more out there …………………….. or in here manifestation, depending on your train of thought.