Gayle San

Heildelberg dweller Gayle San has led the charge for female DJs since the birth of techno. Her relentless brilliance dazzles everyone she plays to, never failing to rock any dance floor with her crazy skills.

Her career began in the late 80s in her hometown Singapore, starting as a warm up DJ for bands such as Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire and the Commodores in the Top Ten Club. She eventually left Singapore in 1988 to pursue a DJ career in the UK.

Her first steps along this path were playing at record company parties, one-off guest spots and fashion shows in London. These slots soon led to a residency in ‘Reach for the Sky’ at London’s Limelight club where she played alongside major global DJs which Gayle describes as “the steepest learning curve possible”.

Having honed her DJ skills she began to experiment with the harder side of dance music, particularly the lesser known techno sounds from abroad. Her chance to pioneer this music came when Gayle became resident at the Final Frontier club and Tribal Gatherings festival. Her reputation for unbelievable three decks mixing skills spread like wildfire through the techno community and it didn’t take long before she’d amassed a large following of dancing pilgrims …………… leading to another monthly residency at the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt.

Since then she’s toured the world countless times over in her 18+ years, playing at the worlds best underground clubs and at very high profile parties for Prince, Chaka Khan and Kylie Minogue.

Gayle also produces and has released material on numerous labels including her own Equator. She’s developed a sound that takes the intelligent beats of the underground and mixes it with her very own unique style which can be best described as tribal because she merges hard Detroit oriented beats with very funky grooves. She loves producing on her own but also enjoys collaborations with other talented souls to absorb their outside creativity.

Still one of the worlds most foremost female techno legends, she’s nowhere near ready to hang up her headphones yet.