Gunjack is the brainchild of Los Angeles born conceptual artist Brian Gibbs.

In the 90’s as part of OG rave promotion unit CPU101, Gibbs cut his teeth alongside stateside originators in warehouses up and down the west coast. In 1999 the Gunjack project was launched and Gibbs first vinyl releases were launched through Tokyo and Birmingham. After an early remix by Mark Broom, Gunjack was launched into the spotlight and he moved to Spain to personally oversee the production of hundreds of records over the coming years, at Jaxx records in Madrid. Subsequently, Gunjack’s music was released on iconic imprints such as ‘Planet Rhythm’, ‘Naked Lunch’, ‘Audio Assault’ and his own techno / dubstep label ‘Consume’.

Gunjack tracks would go on to be played and supported by seminal artists like Aphex Twin, Umek, Dave Clarke and Surgeon. Vinyl records, cassettes, VHS tapes and floppy diskettes were released by the dozens as Gibbs relocated to Santiago, Chile, cementing himself in the art world by expanding into gallery shows, physical merchandise, experimental product launches and pop up events. All the while slyly making hip hop and soul music on the side.

In 2011, Gibbs took an extended absence from techno to record an R&B album as Echo Park for Skream. Soon after, he formed a leftfield bass label called ‘Repotrax’, which become well-known for his own brand of “Chilean Juke” and was the subject of a Boiler Room documentary.

Sadly, 2020 seen Gibbs severely injured with a spinal injury that nearly paralyzed him. After months of physical therapy he was able to walk and slowly began to compose again. After repatriation to the United States, basing himself in Minneapolis, the Gunjack project rolled out again with new releases from Gibb’s and with a little help from friends including Robert Armani.

‘Repotrax’ eventually returned in 2022 with a new album planned featuring a more experimental take on his sound, blurring the lines between past projects and exploring the space in between, especially considering his lo-fi / hip hop / leftfield recordings are racking up hundreds of thousands of views on Reddit and TikTok.