Warsaw based Filip Hodur AKA Ha†elove is representative of the youngest generation of Polish industrial techno producers who’ve been absorbing influences from artists all over Europe with the goal to developing his own distinctive style. His music can best be described with the words ‘hate’ and ‘love’ which are gained from the very industrialised soundscapes and melodic emotions of power it exudes.

For Filip, everything started with metal, metal, metal, everything was metal at one point with its heavy riffs and fast tempo.  But even that wasn’t enough to fuel his fire and propel his aggressive musical side whereby he gradually slid into maniacal throws of deathcore.

However, in 2017, after attending his first techno party in Griessmhulele where he witnessed first-hand the full might of Ansome’s battering live act, something that was a completely new form of aggression for him, it set off a spark within him for what can only be called an epiphany.

The strangled industrial noises, most commonly heard in steel factories, he’d recently heard was a major catalyst and Filip eagerly started producing his own extremely raw, modular, industrial techno. He was that proficient and had such a unique take on it he was being booked for gigs just six months later under his new alias of Ha†elove.

In December 2019 Filip sent Mickey Nox some demos which he accepted and released on his ‘Green Fetish’ sub-label ‘TTNS’. This was soon followed by an appearance on a GFR V/A which seen him collaborating with Ogmah on a track. He also collaborates with his friend Violent on a project named PARANOIA and together they’re quite literally the heaviest industrial techno duo in their home country.

As well as appearing on his own Carnivor Records, an industrial label he set up in 2019 with TY, he’s appeared as a solo artist and in collaborations on some extremely serious labels.

In a very short space of time, Ha†elove has amassed a great many followers and gained much well-earned respect from his peers including Paula Temple, Dax J, Rebekah and Manni Dee who’ve all been bashing out his music. And he’s only just begun …………………