Hanno Hinkelbein

Hanno Hinkelbein is a DJ, producer and label boss whose approach to music and life is nothing short of inspirational.

He started making music at 14 playing in death metal bands but progressed onto industrial metal with bass, guitar, vocals and drum machines. It was his first contact with electronic music production but he still considered himself a doom and gloom metal purist.

That all changed when Hanno visited Berlin in 94’ and had his first no sleep, full on catharsis, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ style journey. He was truly amazed by how radical the dance music was compared to anything he’d heard before. It was so hedonistic and was a welcome relief after all the death and doom metal he’d been listening to. He still loved the energy of metal though, so he was always looking for that sort of drive once he started DJing and making techno.

This visit encouraged him to move to Berlin where there was lots of experimenting going on and space for all sorts of crossover projects. So around 2000, some friends of Hanno’s, who had a big pop project, told him about this band they knew who were looking for a DJ and out of that came AeoX and Null records.

However, AeoX was put on ice around 2006 and then label in 2011 when he started feeling jaded about all the ridiculous superstardom with blown up egos that started to appear in the scene. He didn’t want anything to do with those attitudes so was happy to become a resident at the Killekill parties that were happening every Wednesday which were more about experimenting and actually having fun with music.

Since then Killekill has become a juggernaut and in 2016 he started up their sub-label ‘Death By Rainbow’ which is mainly a platform for his Furfriend project with Bill Youngman but also features mostly unknown artists from the queer rave scene.

That same year Hanno moved to London and became an integral part of the scene which has that original spirit that he loves so much. Everyone being themselves, no egos, the friendliest crowds and people genuinely enjoying listening to hard techno to dance off this tough life.