Henry Vengeance

Henry Vengeance is a DJ and producer who’s been deeply rooted within the US techno scene since 1993. His clinical precision of dark and hard techno rhythms, sound palate and various effects deliver a pulsating mental combination of chest pounding sonics which become an overwhelmingly immersive experience on the dance floor.

Mr. Novelo started out in NYC working as a marketing master with Instinct Records, at Intergroove he was a sales director, and with BLM he was a solid production manager and hefty A&R menace. From then on, in the mid 90’s, Henry was one of the Milwaukee based ‘Massive Magazine’s Operatives’ in NYC. He was one of the bonified 1st and foremost voices to provide content and belief from an artist and DJ prospective in interviews which recorded reviews of new vinyl and CD releases that were hitting the streets.

Henry was also one of the core members of NYC’s ‘Uptown Underground’, who were most famous for their ‘Monkey’ parties in the 90’s bringing over the most amazing European artists to the US including Cari Lekebusch, Billy Nasty and Chris Liberator, and helping to produce some of the largest raves the East Coast had ever seen at venues including the Roseland Ballroom, Asbury Park and Ferry Point Park.

As an artist, Henry Vengeance has released music on labels such as Format, Thrust and X-Sight, and through a variety of compilations released by K-Tel’s ‘Coldfront’ series ‘In the Mix’ and worked for Brooklyn Music Limited.

As of 2018, Henry has primarily focused on live Pa’s, as opposed to DJing, and performed at the Land of Sunshine (The Pit) and at ‘Even Furthur’ for Massive’s 25th anniversary. These, along-with performances at places throughout the US including ‘Halycon’ and ‘Bossa Nova’ alongside acts such as Paul Birken, Joey Beltram, The Advent and Perc.