Huren is a Berlin based producer and DJ who’s output defines a profound isolationism. His psychoacoustic exploration of auditory realism initiates bold and futuristic sonic leanings into abstract sound design which comment strongly on the frustrations of today.

Originally from Ontario, Canada he moved to Germany to immerse himself within its thriving underground experimental music scene where his earliest musical influences originated. This included industrial and noisier depressive post-punk experimental bands like Front 242, Fad Gadget, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire. He was also exposed to Detroit and Chicago dance music from attending many classic parties in Detroit and NYC in the early 90s’ such as Robots, Storm Rave and Soundlab.

His present inspirations are fuelled by artists and labels including Unhuman, Alessandro Gaja, Ancient Methods, Violet Poison, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and Instruments of Discipline.

He started producing in ’89 after buying a Yamaha Portasound synth which wielded lots of gritty FM nastiness. A few years passed, more gear was accumulated and some self produced cassettes were created before his 1st major 12” ‘The Wipe’, as a member of Teste, was released on the legendary Probe Records.

Since then he’s appeared on insane labels like Zhark and Noiztank and has appeared under a number of aliases including MRTV1 and Obscene Mannequin. He’s also worked with many respected artists including Kareem, Ancient Methods and Ayarcana.

His current output represents all the wrong steps he’s made in life and is fuelled by the desperation, humiliation, dread and mid-life crisis trauma he sees portrayed in other artists music and their outlook towards the scene.  An outlook where it’s current climate has reached the level of hyper-saturation with everyone clawing their way for that momentary popularity contest hype-a-thon, something Huren is very uncomfortable with.

Berlin has made it all worthwhile moving there, because for Huren, it’s the last hold out for true individual experimentation  and it’s as close as it will ever be again to a pure culture that can exist on art.

“We become our own history and our own suffering. As such we live, accumulating the pain, confusion and death that life allows us to have on instalment.”